Making this music video was fun, I purchased the vintage pixie inspired prom dress off marketplace and pulled every pink bow I had out of my wardrobe, there's somethings so alluring about the ominous contrast of divine hyper-femininity and the dark lust of 'Addicted'. I love filming for LAVELIN bc I feel like I can do anything in that space…. sooo I chose to perform in the woods for the fae with an adequate amount of glitter. AAA Backstage said the music video "transports us into an eerie retro dream" and I feel like that's really what we were feeling on the day of the shoot. Originally the music video was going to be on roller-skates however with the brutal summer rains and my apparent lack of coordination we ended up throwing those plans out the window and getting creative as a team on the spot, Jemma Morley, the director of Blind, once again lead us with her enthusiastic creativity whilst Shannan O'Neill, Luke Wormald & Jayden Bate brought her visions to life and James Bourbon capture the iconic still shot that is the single artwork.

I designed this set from treasures I found at the Burleigh church op shop, I met a really talented ambitious directer, Jemma Morley. Jemma looks through the same Lana Del Rey rose coloured glasses that I do. This was both of our first music videos. I was scared to be on film, scared I wouldn't be perfect. Funnily enough Pilerats published the video stating it was a "perfect visual accompaniment", it's funny how the world works like that when you face your fears. It was so nice to feel some love and acceptance for myself through the creation of this video, I think it shines through too, me unconvering myself, Guitar Girl Magazine, all the way from Georgia wrote "The video beautifully captures LAVELIN’s sweet and humble nature, mirroring her on-screen presence with the track’s underlying theme, exploring the complexities of love and the yearning to be seen for one’s authentic self", they also called is a "disco fairytale" which became my identity for a few weeks.