24th May 2024 - Full Moon

Today I release my first extended play (EP)

I spent over a decade writing songs with the desire to released them. I trained under remorseless a&r executives, I trained for years, day, and, night. I have given everything I can to this EP and in a roundabout way, in the uncovering of myself, it has given everything to me.

12th April 2024 - Waxing Crescent

Today I release my second single, it's called addicted

I laughed today reading what scenestr wrote about addicted, to me this is track is a vial expression of darkness, they called it, and I quote, "an irresistible cute bop". I guess truth be told I'm just not used to expressing myself, it feels somewhat illegal, I though about it a lot since the article and I think I mask by being positive, happy and fluffy. All the support I'm getting is healing, it's like people see me and accept me and I'm like oh, maybe it is okay to be me, and, it is.

6th February 2024 - Waning Crescent

My first interstate tour

I wander through the national park and onto the headland, crescent head seems like the perfect place to decompress, I'm glad to be here with my friendship family, cooking meals on the fire and coming back down to earth.

I don't know how I feel, I think I just feel amazed, I'm so proud to have done my first interstate tour, to ventured into a new city. Sydney was so warm and welcoming, they love Pop Music there. It was also so powerful to book an all-female lineup across the entire tour, it felt healing in many aspects.

I missed my band this tour, EDM is fun, but, it is better playing with others. I loved the encores the most hehe it's like kick on's but for the set haha, I also loved balancing on the edge of the stage, dancing with the crowd, trying not to topple over, performing is so much fun, but I didn't like booking and running the shows, I don't think I will do that again, not if I don't have to.

10th November 2023 - New Moon

hey world

So, on the 10th of November 2023, after years of being just a bit to shy, I look the leap to release my first song. I decided that regardless of what anyone thought of the music it would be an accomplishment enough to share it with the world.

It's 2024 as I recap this and I still can't really put into words what it is like to be so widely acknowledged, 'Blind' is the name of the song I released and it was played all over the radio here is aus and overseas too, there were so many magazines, podcasts, music blogs and publications supporting me all over the world, it was crazy, people loved Blind, I love Blind... I love being myself, and betting on myself.

I've never really fully fit in where I've been, I mean, I've never really wanted to, but it kind of sucks? Anyway, I don't think that matters anymore, music is like a magic key to find your people so I'm just going to embrace being myself from now on, regardless.

10th November 2023 - New Moon

lets get down to business

I launched a record label today, it's call 'Ethereal Records', I'm going to use it to release my debut singles and EP. I want to book a big tour too, and maybe do more? Idk, but it feels good!